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Poor wheel alignment increases tyre rolling resistance which in turn makes your engine work harder. Your fuel economy goes down and your tyres wear more quickly.

What are the Benefits to Proper Wheel Alignement?

  • MAXIMUM TYRE LIFE – poor alignment will cause uneven tyre wear and drastically reduce tyre life. Wheel alignment is shown to improved average tyre life by over 20%, making wheel alignment self-financing.

  • IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY – poor alignment increases the rolling resistance of tyres. About 30% of a vehicle’s fuel is used to overcome the tyres rolling resistance, and just a small amount of misalignment can increase fuel consumption dramatically. Savings of up to 5% on fuel can be achieved through accurate alignment.

  • SAFER VEHICLES – A vehicle that steers straight is a safer vehicle.

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3-D Wheel Alignment & Tracking – £45

State of the Art Technology

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    Some Cars We Provide Wheel Alignment For

    Roscoe Tyres & Autos can work on all makes and models of vehicles, below are a few of the popular brands we see very often.